I work as a sole-practitioner, albeit assisted by Stella Blue (our rescue Golden from Alabama) and Skye the cat! Working independently suits me. I enjoy doing it all - design, drafting, writing specs, construction phase, sales/marketing, bookkeeping, website, social media, etc., etc. At times it can be a bit overwhelming, but this comprehensive “hands-on” approach better serves my clients, my projects and myself. In short, sole-practitioner equals sole responsibility - no confusion or finger pointing in this studio (although, there is the occasional paw jab!). I have longstanding, well-established relationships with several consultants and collaborators who assist me, when the need arises.

My studio is attached to the rear of my house. I built it in 1989. It is an inspirational work space. My ever-expanding library is bursting at the seams, but it provides the resources for my creative endeavors. A large east-facing window floods the space with natural light, especially on bright and sunny Maine mornings. My “commute”? Only 8 feet from my house!